Gillette Strategic Resources, LLC

Gillette Strategic Resources

Solving Problems.  Creating Opportunities.

Advancing Great Ideas.

Gillette Strategic Resources will help define an image, solve problems and accomplish goals by becoming a part of your team.

Gillette Strategic Resources assists companies, not-for-profit organizations and other entities communicate more effectively in today’s rapidly changing environment. Our list of clients is varied. A high-tech communications upstart, a coalition of not-for-profit health agencies, a national lobbying organization and a university bookstore have been natural additions to our client list.

We help develop and implement communication strategies to promote products, sway public opinion, solve a specific threat faced in the marketplace, or enhance an organization’s image. Most organizations need more than spin control or an advertising campaign. That is why we focus on building a broad communications strategy rooted in the foundations of the organizations for whom we work.

As part of your team, Gillette Strategic Resources works to ensure that internal and external messages are consistent and effective. We help identify existing and potential problems and determine solutions in advance of trouble.

Our experience has been gained in helping small, medium and large organizations. Our clients represent a diverse group and the services we provide are tailored to fit the individual client, but the basic process remains the same. Helping organizations to define goals and to communicate clearly is what we do.

Gillette Strategies

Improving Communication.

Public Relations

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